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I help business owners, entrepreneurs & coaches build their powerful personal brand to attract opportunities and make an impact.

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Your personal brand tells all about who you are, what matters to you and why you are relevant; but that is not all. There is much more to building your powerful personal brand. You start with exploring your relationship with yourself; proceed with understanding your connection with others and discovering how your role in lives of others may matter and expand to impact the world. I have worked with business owners, coaches, trainers, and professionals from different industries across the world to help them build their personal brand.

If you know how fulfilling, rewarding and liberating building your personal brand is, you’d give it the utmost priority. The problem is most do not know the process or they lack the focus needed. 

I have made it my mission since 2020 to assist business owners, executives, and coaches in discovering their true merits and live up to their true potential by leveraging on the strength of their personal brand. 

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of professionals and business owners to help them reach their core, be known for who they are, enjoy financial freedom, and live a fulfilling life.

I hope to help you achieve yours


It is through your voice you find your own reality.

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    Hundreds of people, in your region & industry, do what you do. What makes you stand out and be more relevant is your personal brand. I help you focus and connect your passion, purpose and profit to build something more impactful, relevant, and magnetic.

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    More About Nousheen’s Journey

    Nousheen Mukhtar started her entrepreneurial journey in the UAE in 2013 and during her career she built various business enterprises including a web design and technology company called Dynasty Technologies, a content creation company Writerz Galore and a few others.

    She is currently the Chairperson of Global Leadership Program, founder of Stylfemina Magazine & Club, CEO of Impact Events & Media and CEO of Nousheen Marketing Management (AKA Nousheen Mukhtar International). Her companies serve hundreds of businesses worldwide in the domains of marketing, reputation management, publicity, media visibility & PR, corporate events and seminars.

    Nousheen has been working with coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, C-suite executives, artists, tv presenters, and many other industry professionals as a personal branding consultant and mentor since 2015. During her career she has secured many awards for her high-quality, reliable, result oriented services.