After I moved to Dubai in 2010 I realized working a daily job will not do justice to my potential. Dubai life offered many opportunities and it was ripe for entrepreneurship. Launching something of one’s own was the right thing to do, therefore,I launched my first company a year and a half later to unbox

A group of women entrepreneurs belong to different industries have lauded the role of Dubai government’s entrepreneurial eco-system helping women from different backgrounds on a single platform to boost their respective fields. Talking to a roundtable meeting attended by

Similarly, Dubai resident Nousheen Mukhtar, founder of Nousheen Mukhtar Marketing International, said: “When it comes to buying goods, I will select a vendor that promises quality, durability, and standards that meets expectations.Ease in shopping matters a lot, as 

What makes you stand out? A general question I have been asked several times. “Just being myself; making my moves my way; wading through life the way I feel I should” – it is simple, predictable and easy to spot answer. But is it enough? Will it keep me on the top?

From an idea to a profit-bearing business, the journey is not simple and easy. The ebb and flow involved in the process asks for a lot. As a woman entrepreneur some would refuse to work with you because they think you started from a kitchen table, and on the other hand, many would work 

Leadership can be cultivated through self-awareness, transparency, ability to make good decisions and decisiveness. You can build these features by looking inward as everything starts from your self. Becoming highly sufficient and self-aware is the way forward

I have been an entrepreneur for past eleven years or so running my businesses and brands in the space of design and creativity, marketing, public relations, reputation building, communications, and events. I have three major goals in my professional journey – Establishing democratic economic

In the vibrant city of Dubai, a transformative tale of business leadership is unfolding – one that not only embodies empowerment but also reflects the potential for remarkable growth in the modern business realm. This is the narrative of a visionary entrepreneur, Nousheen Mukhtar, whose journey 

With over a decade in business, Nousheen has succeeded in making her mark by connecting dots among several countries for strategic economic ties. She worked during 2021 and 2022 to launch the Dubai Latin America business centre, under which five different countries are paving 

Nousheen Mukhtar’s journey in the business landscape has been nothing short of remarkable. With a portfolio that includes launching enterprises across marketing, PR and branding, technology, media, social entrepreneurship, and events, Nousheen exemplifies the power of pursuing