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Dr Corrie Jonn Block

Nousheen is a thought leader and powerful networker. I have had the privilege of working with her on several publication projects, and I can easily say that she is timely, articulate, creative, and precision oriented. It's a pleasure to work with her.

Dr Corrie Jonn Block

Rahaf Kobeissi

Nousheen for me is a synonym for Wonder Woman! We have established a strong friendship years ago, then started working together on growing my business. I can never forget what Nousheen said to me when I went to her for guidance and support saying "Nousheen, I want to go from here to there but I can't do it alone" and I pointed to the sky. "Ray, my rocket ship is right here at the door ready to take you there." She works right from the heart and delivers more than she promises and she encourages me to be a better solopreneur and I love her for that.

Founder of Rays Your Mental Health

Saleha Surti

"Nousheen Mukhtar helped us with our SEO for The CoachLink. What I really liked about working with her was the transparency and communication, as this is the major area where most digital marketing agencies lack. I truly admire Nousheen's hard work and diligence which is the secret of her success. She is not just a colleague but also a good friend of mine".

Founder of The CoachLink and Women Talent Connect

Nada Elgazzar

I highly recommend dealing with Nousheen Mukhtar for branding needs. The team is very professional. They did superb work with setting up my website and signature logo, timely services, met all my needs, and designed it to match my requirements and personality. Commitment to deadline and personalization of work was impressive. I wish them best and more growth and prosperity.

Edward Zia

"Nousheen Mukhtar is a sharp, knowledgeable and savvy servant leader who loves her clients, works hard to get results and is extremely trustworthy. I was honoured to be on her recent live and I LOVE HER WORK!!!"

Founder of Excellence Above Coaching

Dr. Nancy Haines

"Nousheen, you have been a rockstar girl! Showing up and helping entrepreneurs with so much content! Your consistence in providing value is amazing".

Founder of The Center of Confidence

Corina Zanner Entwistle

"Nousheen is a passionate social entrepreneur. Through her podcasts and youtube channel she facilitates introductions to companies, individuals and other entrepreneurs to build stronger connections and to help you build your brand. Nousheen loves to talk about business and innovation, always looking to see how she can help her clients progress. She is very hard working, dedicated and experienced in creating content and connecting people. I was honoured to be on one of her recent lives. I highly recommend working with Nousheen if you have the opportunity".

Founder of Executive Mind Solutions

Hoda Elsobky

"I started working with Nousheen this year, though the Pandemic hit - but, we found out many different ways to work together online, to grow my Network and to make a safe Digital Transformation. The experience of digitization was all so full of Learning, adapting to new Standards, new Benchmarks and also full of Fun and Growth..Thank you Nousheen, it was lovely working with you. All the Best".

Author and Public Speaker

Kim Shelar

"Nousheen is a Woman of action, Radical Action. She is the quintessential Boss Lady out there that can literally create content, opportunity & networks out of just thin air. She has a strong Business sense, mixed with her humbleness & approach-ability, which makes her Stand out from the crowd. Its been a pleasure getting to know her".

Meditation Expert and Mindset Coach

Anas Aldahoud

"Nousheen has a very high understanding of social media marketing and branding. I think what makes Nousheen special and gives her the edge is her awareness of the client needs. It's not like that she has a solution and she wants to fit for all, she actually customizes solutions depending on each client and his need and pain at the meantime".

Founder of Talent Maximizer